Tuesday, April 08, 2008

It's really not that hard, Memphis

By Libby Perkins
Hates Broccoli

This year, I successfully defended my age group championship in the Sandusky Free Throw Challenge, sponsored by the Sandusky Jaycees. I won a big trophy last year when I was 9, and this year I got another one for being the best 10-year-old girl in the competition. I made 84 out of 100 free throws at Walter Church Middle School. Daddy said I'm his special little girl, and he thinks I can play varsity basketball someday.

Free throws are pretty easy though. So how come Memphis couldn't make any in the national championship game last night? Jesus Christ. It's not that hard!

It's only 15 feet. The key is to bend your knees, I think, and to try to do the same thing every single time. It's not like you have to shoot over a defender or dribble-drive. You just set your feet, twirl the ball around, bounce once, and fire. Swoosh!

This year, Dana VanderSchlossen had 80 free throws made, and I was really worried that she was going to catch me. That would have sucked. But I hit all of my last 10 free throws and won the big prize. I got my picture in the paper and everything.

I don't get why it's so hard for Memphis guys to make free throws. They only hit 7-of-16 in the second half, and that basically cost them the game, because it went to overtime. Chris Douglas-Roberts, Derrick Rose, all of you -- what was the problem?

I know Memphis' coach was saying all tournament how free throws weren't important. I don't think they're important either. How can the easiest part of the game be the most important?

You know, there's no shame in just throwing them off the backboard. That's not how I do it, but I've seen it done. Banking is pretty easy. Swallow your pride, Memphis. Or, if you want me to check into the game when you need someone to make free throws, I can do it. By the time I get to college, I'll have a lot of Free Throw Challenge trophies, which I keep in my room next to my Barbies.



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owned, calipari.

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