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Cologne is universal city, here are over 300 pubs, 42 museums, 53 disco clubs, 145 business centers and this list can be continued. 

In 2006 Cologne city became the world economy business center. There are over 20 plants and factories, the main of them are Ford and Volvo. If you have a business in Europe you should visit annual Koelnmesse exhibition, it is quite possible that you could meet future partners here since the greatest business owners are gathered on this exhibition in particular.

If you ever come here about business you should not worry about the place where to stay bacause there are over 110 hotels in Cologne and you can book any of them online.

It should be stressed that Cologne is a very big city and if you come here for 4-5 days and want to learn it we advise you to get guided tours. This service costs about EUR 45 and will allow you to visit as many points of interest as possible within a short period of time by optimising the path.

Except business and tourism Cologne is well known by its events such as HighLights, Cologne Marathon, Cologne Carnival and Christopher Streetday. There are so many events around the year that coming here in any time it is quite possible that you will see one of them.

So, come to Cologne city this year and see all its beauty alive.